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    On-One bike, is it worth it?

    I am looking for a XC HT bike and found this one on sale, do you think it is worth it? My budget is $600-800 so this one would fit just in the middle.

    NEW 2011 On-One 456 custom mtb build 16" - $699
    -brand new seatpost, FSA Orbit headset, cables and housing.
    -Rock Shox Pike 454 u-turn air fork with 95-140mm adjustable travel
    -Sram X9 shifters and Sram X9 rear derailleur
    -Sunline V1 handlebar
    -Thomson X4 80mm stem
    -Hayes Nine Carbon hydraulic disc brakes
    -DT Swiss E455 rims on WTB Laser Disc Lite hubs


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    The 456 is a nice's not custom I don't know were the "custom" tag came from.
    I'm telling you this just for you to know...sometimes sellers add a little "spice" to the description...

    One thing you maybe aware of....the build of the bike is totally for All Mountain or very technical XC with lots of downhill. So if you ride very tame trails, or uphill a lot, you'll probably feel the heft of the bike...It seems it's gonna be in the 26 to 30 lbs of weight range. So take that in consideration.

    Parts are good overall...Pikes had good reputation. You can find spare parts easily.
    The only old thing on the bike are the brakes...They were pretty basic design...some minor flaws...just be sure you get new pads and possibly a rebleed.

    Good luck with your purchase!
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    Sounds like a decent build but as mentioned, might be a little on the heavy side of things. I have a couple of friends with On Ones and they are all quite happy with them. You certainly won't find something brand new with this level of parts at that price.

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    Sounds resonable. the On One 456 is billed as a freeride hardtail. And it certainly fits the bill. The parts spec indicates the bike will weigh closer to 30lbs than 26, but that's to be expected. The only dubious parts on the bike are the wheels. DT 455s and WTB LSD Lite hubs are a bit on the "light" side for the bikes intended purpose. But if your riding style isn't "freeride aggressive" or are a fairly light rider then they likely won't be a problem. On One makes good frames, it should be a solid bike. Sounds like a good price to me.

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    Does it fit you? 16" frame isn't very big. Make sure you test ride it before you buy it, you'll have a better idea of it the bike is the type you'd like to ride after you ride it.
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    I love my 456. It's a great all arounder and climbs well. If it fits you I'd say go for it.

    The "custom" part I believe is referring to the build up of the parts on the frame; not the frame being custom.

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    As the others have stated it sounds like a good buy at that price, but will be a heavy build for a XC bike. Which would be good for more aggressive trails save for the hubs, which could be replaced when they wear out. Overall I say it's a good find.

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    My 456 weighs 27lbs. Not bad at all for XC and not horribly different then this build.
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    make sure it'd fit. It's only a good deal if it fits.

    16" is small. Maybe 5'6" give or take could fit that frame depending on stem and seatpost. I'm 5'8" and fit about an 18" frame. My wife is 5'4" and fits a 15" frame, if that gives you much of an idea.

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    26 lbs lol yeah right... the geo is definitely aimed towards an all mountain type ride where you are ripping the downhills and getting back up the hill, isn't the best climber in the world, the front end comes up quite a bit isn't the best xc bike in the world... that being said steel is real and the bike is a blast to just whip around trails and to stunts, etc. really just depends on your ride style... its a good value for the money though
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