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    Norco storm 9.1 vs Trek X-Caliber 4

    My bike finally kicked it, drivetrain is warped and isn't really worth it to replace. Seeing as I ride it on a daily basis, I need to replace the thing asap (before Wednesday hopefully)
    I unfortunately don't really know much about bikes, but I've fallen in love with the Norco Storm pretty much through my LBS's salesmanship.

    Alternatively, another LBS nearby recommended the Trek X-Caliber 4, both are around the same price range and I fully plan on testriding both tomorrow, just wondered if anyone had experience with either of the two bikes.

    Any feedback would be much appreciated, thanks a lot!

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    Ended up getting a Charger 9.3 for a bit of a deal, absolutely needed the bike, mine is completely done.
    Went over a speedbump on the way home and the chain popped off. Is that normal for a new bike? They tuned it before I left the store, but that makes me nervous.

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    Did it come off the front or the rear? Is there enough chain tension to keep it snug on the rear derailleur?
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    Front, and I went over it a few more times and it seems to have only happened once (Or when I force it into the big ring, which I don't plan on doing)

    Just worried me a bit, anything I should look out for or should I just call it a fluke? Thanks for the response by the by.

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