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    Noob tube question

    Only had my bike (giant talon 29er 2) a couple weeks and Ive already had 4 flats. So I decided to put in some heavy duty tubes.

    So my dumb question is this: the cross marks that came with my bike are 2.1 wide yet the tubes the lbs put in were 2.4 wide. Should I be concerned? Will it affect handling and or tire durability?


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    If the tubes inflated without being folded over anywhere, it's fine.

    I hate to ask, but... did you figure out the cause of the flats? Often if someone gets several flats in rapid succession, it's because there's still a piece of debris stuck in the tire. If they were pinch flats, that can be avoided with higher pressure.

    Of course, some people are just lucky, and there are parts of the country with extra-special thorns, too.
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    Thorns. Wicked, tiny little bastards. One of em got me literally the first time I rode my bike off my driveway; I made it about 20 feet. Sad really.

    But back to the bike. When I got the bike back, the rear disc was rubbing terribly, making a loud noise. Isn't this something the lbs should have noticed before returning the bike? I'm beginning to think I should find another lbs to frequent that pays more attention to detail.

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    I wouldn't be so sure any tubes will help much with nasty thorns. I don't have that kind of thorns where I ride but I hear people have had good luck with tubeless tires against all kinds of flats.

    Did you get a shop to replace your tubes?

    To me, it makes sense to learn to do minor things like that myself. No bringing the bike to a shop, no waiting until they do it, no paying them to do it. This should get you started:
    Park Tool Co. ParkTool Blog

    As for the brake rubbing: I think they should have noticed. Probably, it is something you can fix easily.
    1) it could be that the wheel is not in the dropout exactly the same as it was before. Try opening the quick release and settling the wheel in the dropout. Also try different tension for the quick release
    2) if that does not help, most brakes are aligned the same way: loosen the bolts that hold the brake calliper to the adapter that is bolted to the frame, squeeze the brake lever and hold, tighten the bolts that you loosened while squeezing the brake lever. Use Metric hex keys!!!

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    Yes they should pay more attention to detail, if you have something like avid bb7's try turning the dial out until the noise goes away or check to make sure the axle is all the way seated in the frame (never know on that one) ..
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