Looking at 29er Hardtails in the $1800 and under range. I'm not going higher, I have too many hobbies. Came across a New old stock 2013 Scalpel 29er 4 for $1695. Seems spec'd as good or better than similar priced hardtails (Recon Gold fork, Xt and slx derailleurs, Avid Elixer 3, etc.), but have concerns over full suspension. I live out in the country; ride trails, dirt and gravel roads, hills, paved bike paths. Nothing extreme but I like to venture off path. I don't feel I need full suspension (always disliked the thought actually) but I've never ridden it, a few minutes in the bike shop parking lot was no help. I also can't find an exact weight listed anywhere although it didn't feel too heavy. Reviews of the Scalpel are of no help, as there are better bike options at the $2600 msrp price. But at $1695, that may be a different story. The only Hardtails at this price that are better spec'd (that I've found) are Airborne. Which I'm considering.

Anyone think the deal on the Scalpel is good enough (considering specs) to pull the trigger on at this price?