After a few years of not riding, I felt the urge to get back into riding to compliment my hiking & snowshoeing as mechanisms to: 1) stay in shape and 2) access unique photography locations to support my photography business.

Researched my backside off over the course of a month and chose a BMC TrailFox TF02. Picked my bike up on Friday and did my first ride on Saturday. Thoroughly pleased and SUPER stoked for more riding.

Here are a couple pix (one in front of my garage, one from first ride on Saturday):

My new BMC TrailFox TF02-bmc_tf02-007.jpg

My new BMC TrailFox TF02-bmc_tf02-firstride-003.jpg

Fortunately, living in Colorado provides a ton of great riding locations and a number of friends (and fellow professional photographers) also ride!