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    My hands are going numb while riding

    ...and they hurt this morning.

    While I haven't been riding long, I upgraded this weekend from my 10+ year old GT to a Gary Fisher Pirahna. Didn't have this problem at all on the GT.

    Got the 17.5 inch bike, I'm 5'10" but with short legs.

    I'm going to try getting some softer grips, as the grips on my GT are a lot softer than on this new bike, but I am worried that the geometry is causing this.

    I ride mostly on the seat, and I suspect that the more aggressive posture demanded by the pirahna is going to cause me problems. I weigh 245#, and wanted a bike I could graduate to the trails (CO Foothills) with as I got into better shape this summer.

    Any suggestions on seat height, stem, or ?? I could do to help alleviate this?

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    Last summer I bought a bike that gave me the same trouble. At first I felt like I'd made an awful mistake. But the solution turned out to be fairly simple. I switched over to a riser-bar. In my case, I first tried an Easton EA70, high-rise bar. That threw my weight back too much onto the seat, causing me back pain (because bumps would go straight up my spine).

    Next I went to an Easton, mid-rise bar. Just that small drop from high- to mid-rise did the trick, and now my weight seems to be nicely distributed between my wrists and my seat.

    You might have to spend some money to do it, but in the end it could be worth it to experiment with different rise bars, different length stems, and perhaps with your seat position. Be sure to change just one thing at a time. I find very, very slight differences become quite noticeable on rides of more than just a mile or two.

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    I had the same problem with my last bike, my hands were numb and my wrist hurt, even after a short ride. I solved the problem by swapping out my stem to a 100mm 10 deg. angled Titec stem. I then changed my stock grips to clamp-on Titec Hellbent grips.
    I now ride more upright with less weight on my hands and wrist, however that is me, what works for you may be different. Swap out one part at a time and ride.
    Good Luck!
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    yeti hardcore grips. tasty.. got another pair for the 6000 on the way!!

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    Ergon grips are apparently a good solution to hand numbness... I have a buddy that switched to them and he no longer has numbness in his hands while riding.

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    The angle of the saddle can effect this as well. If it is tipped too low at the nose, it can cause you to have extra weight on your hands.

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    have you looked into biking gloves? when i first started, i'd get back from a ride and my hands/wrists/forearms would be sore afterwards...i bought some fox dirtpaws, and that problem went away
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    All of the posts have great advice. I had the same problem on my new Trek.

    First, I bought a new WTB Rocket Pro V saddle and got my seat angle set exactly parallel with the ground. You can also set the travel on the seat closer or further away from the bars. I have mine set slightly to the rear.
    Second, I got the saddle height set for my 6'3" frame and my long legs so I didn't experience any knee popping.
    Third, I raised my stem as high as I could get it by re-arranging my spacers and placing my stem on the top of the stack. My stock stem is a 100mm with 10 degree rise.
    My stock Bontrager handlebars seem to have the rise I need for now. I am still considering a stem with a little steeper rise angle.

    At this point, I seem to be dialed in fairly well. I have tried the Ergon grips, and they are definitely easier on the hands than my Oury rubber, but they sure do look funky. I also never ride without gloves. The more padding the better.

    Hope that helps. God luck and good riding.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bschanz
    yeti hardcore grips. tasty.. got another pair for the 6000 on the way!!
    Picked up a set today, gonna go for a ride in a bit.

    Also adjusted my seat a bit, it was pointing down more than my other bike.

    I tried to adjust the stem upward and then realized that I have an aheadset and looks like spacers to determine the height.

    If the grips don't fix it, I'll pick up a mid-rise bar.

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