MTBR Glossary

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  • 09-23-2011
    Another good thread, but how about adding types of trail obstacles? Ie; "Ladder" "Skinny"...
  • 09-26-2011

    Originally Posted by David C View Post
    No problem.

    If you want, hit me with a PM of everything you would like to add and I will update the list with it, or just post it here... But in the list would be great. Credit to you off course.


    I don't care about credit! We can credit the world...

    Here's a list of ground descriptions that I've gleaned primarily from tire reviews. Additions are being solicited here:
    Tree root
    Loose (same as sand?)
    Loose on hard
    Rocks on hard

    Seeking suggestions to expand list...
  • 10-02-2011
    wow, nice thread
  • 10-24-2011
    0010 0110
    I Know Bontrager uses TLR for TubeLess Ready

    What Does UST stand for?
  • 11-03-2011
    Very useful
    How about glossary addition of rear suspension types? I get VPP, beyond that I have no clue.
  • 11-06-2011
    Thanks for the great list.

    Here's one that had me -- CSU. Crown/Steerer/Upper -- apparently a fork minus the sliding part.
  • 11-06-2011
    David C

    Originally Posted by DennisF View Post
    Thanks for the great list.

    Here's one that had me -- CSU. Crown/Steerer/Upper -- apparently a fork minus the sliding part.

    So a fork without the stanchions and lowers ?
  • 11-07-2011
    I guess :). forkmountainbike dot com/RockShox-Alloy-CSU-assembly-09-SID-32mm-black/25-Off-Or-More/B002SQTVFY/

    I saw the term in an email from Trek regarding the E2 tapered headtube feature.
  • 11-07-2011
    How about the proper terms for some of the man-made obsticles on a trail? Not sure of the proper terms, but for example I am thinking of the "wood plan walls that you can ride like a roller coaster", "The single track fallen trees [the trees you cut in half so you can ride them lenght wise]", "The see-saw board that you can ride you bike along", etc.
  • 11-15-2011
  • 11-19-2011
    Thanks :)
  • 11-19-2011
    You mentioned Niner in your original list but you left out their wonderful acronyms.
    E.M.D- Eat my dust
    S.I.R- Steel is real
    M.C.R.-Magic Carpet Ride
    W.F.O- Wide F*ckin open
    R.I.P- well I think you know that one
  • 11-23-2011
  • 11-23-2011
    David C
    Btw, here's what doing a "manual" means :

    It's to lift your front wheel off the ground to help get over an obstacle or ride up a curb, hop over a mud hole, etc. It's usually done by pulling the bars up and not like doing a wheelie, where you usually don't have to lift the bars yourself, but to use the rotation of the rear wheel by cranking down the pedals.

    About everyone is using it every time they ride, but now you know how it's called and what it means :)

  • 12-06-2011
    An update on the grammar: during my research( reading books on grammar, usage and pronunciation, for fun) I found out that ending sentences in prepositions in English is perfectly okay; since it is a Germanic language. Thanks to a book by Patricia T. O'Connor entitled "Origins of the Specious". Read it, it is amazing. It also enlightened me to the fact that it is perfectly okay to split an infinitive in English, and the culprits for these bogus rules: Latinists. Apparently they're responsible for more than their fair share of rules that muddy English.
    I wish I could just copy/paste the whole book, it's that good. I now need "Woe is I".

    Also, could we please make a concerted effort to close our parenthetical statements? I can't tell you how often I see one opening then read and never come across a closing.
  • 12-06-2011
    net wurker

    Originally Posted by 0010 0110 View Post
    I Know Bontrager uses TLR for TubeLess Ready

    What Does UST stand for?

    Universal Standard for Tubeless
  • 12-09-2011
    Great List! Thanks for the Post. Reping you for this.
  • 12-09-2011
    How did SWAG and 650B not make the list ... ?
  • 12-09-2011
    David C
    Well now they do. Get your definition on Zoke :)
  • 12-10-2011
    Stuff We All Get ... as in T shirts, water bottles, powerbars, hammer gels, magazines etc

    650B ... not too big, not too small .... just right at 27.5
  • 12-18-2011
    Thank you very much!! I'm new to MTBR and MTB, and this is an extremely useful glossary for all of those abbreviations I was confused about!!
  • 12-20-2011
    very neat
  • 12-21-2011
    wow this is awesome....I've been a bit lost when it came down to all these abbreviations lol.
  • 12-23-2011
    This is perfect, I need to start learning about this anyway, good place to start!
  • 01-02-2012

    Originally Posted by David C View Post
    25.4mm is the diameter of the handlebar that can be clamp on the stem. The 2 sizes are 25.4mm or 31.8mm. MTB mainly use 31.8mm, as it is stronger, but both are used all across the bike industry.

    Would like to point out that there's a 3rd size, 26.0... 25.4 and 26 are both common for threaded quill stems; 31.8 is really rare to find in a threaded stem, almost all 31.8 are threadless (not all, Origin8 makes one, some custom-made ones out there, too, but, are rare).

    + + + +

    I think it'd be helpful to have a section explaining the different kinds of rear suspension....

    I'm a bit old-school, before even a front shock fork was common, and had gotten away from bikes for awhile... don't know much about all of the linkages, why some rear shocks are oriented one way versus another, etc.