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Thread: MTB Shoes

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    MTB Shoes

    I noticed some shoes have to holes near the tip of the shoe (not for cleats). My shoes also came with two metal studs, which i assume screw into these holes.

    What are they for and should I use them? lol thanks

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    They're to help in running up hill. Mostly for cyclocross racing, although it's relevant now and then in XC too.

    I think they make the shoes a little less user-friendly for general trail riding. If you're picking your way across stepping stones, for example, it's that much more awkwardness going on under the balls of your feet.
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    It helps when you are walking uphill on loose dirt but in general not really helping much. I took mine off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 16k-rpm View Post

    What are they for and should I use them? lol thanks
    Mud studs.

    I screwed them in for winter races, they definately help get some walking traction if you spin out on a muddy hill, if your not racing i wouldnt bother because they are not friendly over rocks or trees.
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    I dont use cycling shoes any more found them uncomfortable, i find a good pair of hiking boots works much better

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    my shimano shoes came with the front cleats, can you take them off without the fancy tool that shimano shows?

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