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    Marzochi dirt jumper 3 / removing front tire

    Okay, seriously i'm really stupid or what ?!? i've got a kona cowan, that i purchased on net at the beginning of the summer for like 180 $ what a bargain ! it's a 2005 or 2003 i can't remember doh !


    i've unscrew the quick release system axle that are mounted on a cam,

    And the two other screw that are sqeezing the axle in place

    I've looked around on internet on marzochi, but didn't find the right fork anywhere, or the information about how to remove the front rim, but i think i've read somewhere in marzochi online instruction for dj3 2005 manual, that my axle would be a 20 mm through hole axle ( forks with 32mm stanchions ) if this can help you helping me !

    So now all i've got left is a hole through my hub !!!

    , i've sneaked the smallest finger inside the hole and no sign of any hex like screw or thing to unscrew inside the hole axle, but a lip, tried to punch that lip out with a sleeve and a hammer but nothing felt like mooving, and i didn't wanted to try any harder ( i was hammering hard, hop i didnt break anything yet ! )

    ANy help somebody ? sorry for too large picture lol, at least people with their computer plug on a 40inch tv will be able to see it :P !

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    anybody please ? HELP !

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