Ok, so I jumped on what I feel was a pretty good opportunity. A week or so ago I bought a used Manitou Splice Super fork for $75 from my LBS. I don't know what model years the Splice was made, but the owner of the shop told me the fork is, "a few years old."

The story is that a customer came in and wanted the Manitou on his basically brand new bike to be replace with a RockShox (the guy was a SRAM afficianado). Although the fork was lightly used, it has obviously been sitting for an extended period of time.

I have been to my LBS a few times, and have a bit of rapport with the staff so I don't think they would ******** me about the details. What I want to know is if this fork was worth the $75 dollars. Keep in mind, this fork replaced a clapped-out SR Suntour XCR from an '06 Giant Yukon.

Any comments or advice (hopefully positive) are encouraged.

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