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    limits of xtr hub

    I recently bought my first (non-wal-mart) bike to be used for commuting into school. I picked out a GF Cronus. I rode it hard about every other day, 10+ miles a day. Powersliding, hopping curbs, finding whatever little ramps and jumps I could, but nothing too big. After a couple weeks of this the rear wheel got so out of true that, with the bike upside down, when spun it would rock the bike back and forth. The stock wheel was a WTB Speeddisc. I tried trueing it, but didn't realize you are pulling the nipples down, rather than screwing a spoke up. And also didn't know just how little you really need to turn the nipples. I got some of the spokes so tight I couldn't loosen them with a spoke wrench and couldn't unscrew them from above because the spoke now protruded above the the spoke nipple. I decided to just cut the spokes and make this hub and rim my practice wheelset for wheelbuilding, trueing, and hub overhaul; and buy a new high quality wheelset to replace it.

    I set myself some parameters for a new wheelset and went bargain hunting. I wanted Mavic or DT Swiss rims, disk specific. I wasn't so picky about hubs but wanted at least Shimano XT quality level. Price gaps in retail between Shimano XT hubs and XTR is about 3 times more for the XTR type level stuff; maybe around $100 for a F/R pair of XT hubs and $300 for XTR. However, on ebay an XT wheelset with Mavic rims is around $200, while the XTR wheelset with similar rims can be under $300. Without going into my extensive "ebay prices" theories ... It seemed better to shell out the little extra money and get the, pricewise, much better product.

    So I ended up getting brand new Mavic 823's laced to Shimano m965 XTR's. I would have been just as happy if the rims were 819's or DT Swiss 4.1, and the hubs DT Swiss or Hope, but deal hunters can not be choosers, and the wheelset I got was just the best deal at the time that fit my parameters.

    What I am wondering now is the limit of this wheelset. I know the rims are up to aggressive riding, and I am happy about that, even if they are a little heavy. But I am unsure about the hubs. Reviews of XTR's claim they are versatile and durable, but XTR was originally positioned as an XC group. However the '07 XTR lineup is being pitched as a more all around group. My hubs are '06 though. What can I safely (safe for the hub, not necessarily for me) do with these hubs? I don't ever plan on downhill type stuff, but there is an awfully tempting 3 or 4 foot drop I found in my neighborhood that I want to jump off. Also, the bike is fully rigid, front and rear. Without any suspension the tires and wheelset will have to take the full force. Can anyone give a bit of guidance on what the hubs and rims will be able to safely handle?

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    Hubs are durable items especially they are from big S. If the wheels are well built. Your wheels will be true for long time. Periodic re-truing is not necessary, but inspection from time to time is a must even for "gentle" rider who just ride in pavement and do no jumps. Check tyre pressure before riding is the key to make your rim last longer, in fact, it is always the only victim of anyone's wheel.

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