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    just bought my first mountain bike

    hello all, first post...

    ill start with saying normally im a post first, buy second kind of guy. i have been researching bikes for almost a year, never really having all the money i wanted for a new bike. last week on craigslist i came across a trek 4600 from the mid 2000s for 50$ needing a little work, and a good cleaning.. it seemed like too good of a deal to pass up and i called a bike buddy and he agreed, for 50$ the worst that can happen is a sell it and make a few dollars on it.

    just bought my first mountain bike-img_20130430_152907-1-.jpg

    so here she is..i can tell that its only been used as a city commuter really.

    from my research its a 4500 with sram x7 components. i had it tuned up from an experienced bike mechanic, all the wheels are straight, shifts perfectly and rides great.

    my personal bike experience is alot of dirt bmx as a youngster(hitting 7-10 footers was my max), but i stopped riding when i was 16 and im 24 now..

    so what do you guys think, good first bike to experience the trails or sell it and move on to a newer bike?

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    Hit the trails man, if the bug bites you real hard then you can sell it and get something a little more modern. It'll be a blast!

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    GREAT buy! I still have my Trek 4500 that I bought with my hard earned cash in the 8th grade (I'm 24 y.o. now). I rode that bike HARD from then until about 2008, which is when I bought the FS I ride now.

    Still have the 4500 as a commuter, & just recently did a major overhaul due to original drivetrain totally wearing out. I still throw some nobbies on there to use as an MTB loaner when needed.

    I always recommend learning how to ride on a hard tail. So hit the trails & have a blast!


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    I might catch some flak for this but I have always liked the look of Treks. They are a lot of bang for the buck. Especially if you get one of the disc models. Ride it until it dies!
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    sweet, cant wait for this weekend!

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