Hello everyone. I'm looking to get back into mountain biking again after a long break! I've been shopping around a bit, trying to find something of value for a beginners bike. I've found some cheap ones, but I am somewhat experienced and would like something with better components. It seems that for the money I'm willing to spend, both the Jamis Durango 2 and the Gary Fisher Marlin Disk offer decent components compared to other bikes in their price range. Originally I was looking at a Specialized and the salesman pointed out the Jamis, saying it was a few dollars cheaper and had better components. After shopping around a bit, I found the Marlin Disk which seems to be pretty similar. Since I've been out of the loop for awhile, I was wondering if anyone had any input, good or bad obviously. The only main difference that I have found is, the Jamis comes with hydraulic brakes and the Gary Fisher with mechanical disk brakes. The Fisher brakes are Avids, which I've read in some posts are better then some lower end hydras. I also have one other option, that is to go with a slightly lesser bike, such as the Jamis Durango 1 for instance and upgrade the components as the ones on the bike break? Thanks for any opinions, they will be greatly appreciated.