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    Are J3s THIS bad or is something wrong?

    I weigh 220lbs and am 6'3"
    I have a juicy 3 on the rear with a 203 rotor and metallic pads.

    If I pull as hard as I can the wheel never locks up no matter speed.
    The handlebar stops me from pulling any the lever any further not line pressure.
    If I am squeezing the brake as hard as I can at a stand still and then try and pedal, I can.

    Is this because;
    A) Its a crappy break.
    B) Its not setup right.
    C) Somethings faulty.
    D) Its underpowered for my size and application.

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    air in the line, it needs to be bled

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    E) They need to be bled.

    I'm even heavier than you, and my J3 185's will throw me off the bike if I grab a big handfull

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    I lost my front brake halfway through a trail on Saturday, same symptoms as you.

    I picked up a bleed kit and last night bled my J5's with total success. It took about an hour as I went slowly to make sure it was done right the first time. If you're going to try this yourself with a bleed kit watch this video ->

    My brakes actually feel stronger now than they have since they were new. Good luck if you try this yourself, if you take it to your LBS they'll have in done in no time. Functional brakes are a good thing!

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    You can't compress a fluid, you can only compress a gas. All of your energy is going into compressing the air pockets in your brake lines instead of pushing your caliper against the rotor. Bleed brakes (remove air from brake lines) as stated above.

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    could also be that your pads are worn down to almost nothing, and thus you can't get any more power into the rotor. 99% sure you just need a bleed, but if your pads are trashed it could be that instead or also.
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    my juicy 3's suck arse too i need to get them bled
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