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    Independent pressure gauge for cycle tire

    Hi, I have a Trek Hardtail MTB . The recommended filling pressure for the tube is 30 - 50 psi and it has schrader valve. I keep it around 40 psi.

    I have a mini pump with gauge, but the gauge has stopped working.
    I am looking at an independent gauge (not available in India) and came across these few models in online stores that ship to India.

    I checked the reviews and they are mixed. I would appreciate your feedback. I am ok with deviation of 3 - 4 PSI. I want to measure pressure for cycle tyre with schrader valve for PSI of 30 -50 PSI.

    1) BBB BMP-90 Digital Pressure Gauge

    BBB Digital Pressure Gauge BMP90 | Chain Reaction Cycles

    2) Topeak D2 Smart Head Digital Pressure gauge

    Topeak D2 Smart Head Digital Pressure Gauge | Chain Reaction Cycles

    3) Topeak Shuttle Gauge

    Topeak Shuttle Gauge | Chain Reaction Cycles

    4) SKS Airchecker

    SKS Airchecker | Chain Reaction Cycles

    Which of these would you suggest ?

    Thanks in advance

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    The only two gauges I've found that agree with each other are the Specialized flor pump and a digital one made by SKS-Germany. All of the others were off by 5 PSI or so. I usually run 22 PSI on the back (using the two that agree), but on one gauge, that's 30 PSI.

    So, among your choices, I'd say the SKS Airchecker is the one I have that's reliable.

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    If I wanted one that has the best chance to still be working and in my tool kit in ten years, I would purchase something like this:

    Planet Bike Dial Tire Gauge at

    Digital tires gauges have not withstood the test of time in my imperfect clutches.

    After a while, I got to where I can squeeze my tire and tell if it needs air, or if it's too firm. The gauge just generally reaffirms my suspicions and makes it easier to get there without all the pushing and squeezing.

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    I bought one of these for $2 or so probably 13 years ago and it's been either in my dirtbike saddle bag, car glovebox, toolbox, or mtb pouch the entire time taking a beating. It falls apart and snaps back together and works great. Still on par with my compressor gauge after all these years.
    I carry a presta adapter in my pouch for my mtb anyway.
    Only downside is if you're picky enough to want to add exactly one or 1.5psi etc, it's not going to work out.
    Independent pressure gauge for cycle tire-pjd3212-j.jpg

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    just curious how essential it is for you to have an independent tire gauge and spend $$$ on it.

    i have a floor pump with a built-in gauge and a lezyne hand pump that does not have a gauge and i carry on my hydration pack.

    before my ride i check my tire pressures(when i remember) and use my floor pump if needed... but when i forget to check my tire pressure and find out while on my ride, id whip out my hand pump, pump my tires up and use my thumb and index finger to approximate tire pressure i prefer... and im done..

    i do have the one referenced on the previous post, the PLANET BIKE one, but i rarely use it and if do, im not sure if its that accurate.. it seems to me i lose more air when i poke it in and out to check my tire pressures..
    2014 TREK FARLEY

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    thanks all. I am using giyo pump GM-71 (frame pump). I skipped the floor pump, as I feel I could use the additional exercise.

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    Just go with the floor pump.

    Much less hassle than messing around with separate pumps/gauges and will pump up both types of valve just by rotating the head.

    The extra exercise you get from using a small hand pump will be marginal!
    Keep it for emergency puncture repairs out on the trail.

    Oh and if you are riding a hardtail off road, try dropping your tyre pressures by 10psi as it will make your ride less harsh.

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