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    Generations of Component Groupsets (e.g. Older X0 vs Newer X0)

    So I'm looking at used bikes, and I notice that some bikes are decked out with XTR and X0 components. However, they don't look like the newest components offered by SRAM and Shimano. Therefore, it's easy to conclude that both companies are continually improving and releasing new versions.

    I am wondering whether there is a significant difference in weight and performance across generations of each groupset tier (e.g. older X0 vs newer X0), and whether newer X7 components (or the like) are better than older X0 components.

    Anyone have any insight on this topic?

    (I'm trying to evaluate the value of a high-end 2004/2005 used bike decked out in X0/XTR components.)

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    In my experience with ski and bike gear, companies that produce equipment groups that are around for an extended period of time either change said groups very little or a lot. The BB7 caliper has been around for years, and to the best of my understanding, it has not changed much, if at all. Maybe it's a bit lighter.

    I would guess, and really, it's a guess, that, since a derailleur has a fixed purpose, the only difference between a new X0 and an old one (front, back, or related components) is that the new gear is slightly lighter, and maybe a bit more precise.

    XTR has been around for years, and it's Shimano...I would bet that the only difference between new and old is the wear and tear on the old component. SRAM is a bit more proactive about technology new components may be a bit lighter, maybe a bit more precise.

    Unless you have the $$$ to spend buying new X0 gear (even if I did, the old stuff would have to be broken beyond repair)...I'd say everything on that 2005 bike is fine, and will be good as new with a bit of work.

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    Short Answer: Depends on how it was ridden and maintained

    Long Answer: There is not a huge difference between year models, especially if you are talking only 5 years. But there are exceptions, as i absolutely hated every shimano XT M772 derailleur i owned so much so i switched to Sram . It might be just the 2 that I owned that sucked, but that was my experience. The point being that sometimes there are year models that don't function as well as others (newer or older), so it can depend on the exact model of the component.

    Even more importantly function and performance is heavily based on how used/abused the components are. Obviously a newer component will function better than an older one that is been to hell and back. Or vice versa where an older component has hardly been ridden will function better than a beat to crap newer one.

    I still am of the opinion that a higher end component will last as long as a lower end if they are treated and maintained correctly. It just so happens that higher end components are usually purchased by people who don't want to ruin it quickly or know how to maintain it better, than a lower end component that is used by a newer person to the sport.

    Google is your friend with this, as MTBR's search engine sucks but google is champion. There was even a recent thread that discussed XTR vs XT in tearms of durability that went for pages :XT vs XTR in terms of durability
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    Good topic David. I too have wondered the same. It's a lot to learn and for me it's not how much $$$ things are but am i getting good stuff at a fair price. I use the reviews on here fo everything and even that isn't much help sometimes. People love and hate everything no matter what it is at any price, and then, if it's really good and performs awesome they complain of the price! LOL!

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    ....I thought I was seeing double - but I checked and looks like there are two threads on this. LOL

    Generations of Component Groupsets (e.g. Older X0 vs. Newer X0)


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