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    Good job! first total screw up, in public!

    so right by a four way intersection by my house there's this rock wall with grass at the bottom! me being me i think "aaawwwww yeeeeaauh! so i get all the speed i can in about 12 feet of run and go for it! front wheel rolls off and then i tip so my gears catch the edge and BAM! head over handlebars 5 feet down. surprisingly i get up just fine! people that were watching at a red light kept yelling "**** yeah!!!!" and "BAD**S!!!" i was embarrassed until i got $52 total given to me for entertainment!!

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    You got paid for stacking! That's a first. Good work.
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    first total screw up, in public!

    That is awesome.

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    Re: first total screw up, in public!

    Seriously!? Maybe if I did that a little I could afford the next bike I want.

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    the key is "style", gotta have explosions behind you!

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