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Thread: Felt Nine 20

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    Felt Nine 20

    I just bought a Felt Nine 20. I have been on a few rides, and so far its the tits. Anyone with suggestions on the quality of the components? Anyone with similar experiences?

    Nine 20 - Felt Bicycles

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    Assuming you're just beginning [beginner's forum and all...], that will be more than enough bike for you for quite some time. It's a far nicer bike than the majority of folks start off on.

    Really, just making it fit so it's comfortable is really all you need to worry about for now... aside from riding it, of course.
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    Thats a super nice starter bike.
    -It has a full XT drivetrain, shifters, derailleurs, crankset. That is great. Ride those until they break.
    -The reba Fork is a great xc fork. Yes, there are better forks out there, but for a beginner that should be more than enough.
    -Elixir brakes. Some people love them, some have issues with them. I have XTR brakes on mine and the only time I have rode elixers, I loved the feel, the power and the adjustibility. If they work for you, keep them.
    -Wheelset- WTB speed disc wheels are pretty dang burly. They can take a lot of punishment. I used to have some. They are heavy suckers though.
    -Possible simple upgrades:
    -Saddle. Get one that fits your butt correctly and comfortably.
    -Handlebars. You can go carbon if you want some bling and shed some weight. But if you do get some, make sure that you like the amount of rise and the width.
    -Same goes for the Stem. Having the right length will effect your riding. Having your cockpit setup to something that is comfortable for your type of riding is important.
    -Seatpost. Lots of different options here as well. I have run carbon seatposts but my favorite is my thomson masterpiece. very adjustable. Lighter than some carbon seatposts. looks great.
    -Pedals. get a decent set of pedals.

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    SLX or XT brakes when you have the problems. XT Shadow + rear derailleur. Wheels such as ArchEX or lighter. Tires are terrain dependant. Rocket Ron Performance to Nobby Nic Performance front. You can get forte platforms at Performance or pedals with fat pins like from Azonic or Wellgo B124. for use with trailrunners.
    Here's a vid on riding them. He also has one on cornering.
    Straight Lines with Fabien Barel - YouTube

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