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    CrossCountry Fork

    I just got my bros trek 820 26". not an amazing bike but for what i do, its fine.i would like to upgrade the fork in the near future so im wondering what is good. my reason is i found a new trail which is more challenging and i bottomed out the fork twice. i know fox, rock shox, marzochi etc. are good but what models? also and most importantly it NEEDS to be UNDER $300

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    Honestly, any fork you buy will be worth more than that entire bike. Fox won't happen for less than $300 unless you go used.

    If you're intent on getting a new fork, look at a Tora. They come in various price ranges.
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    I've been using a Rock Shox TORA 318 Solo Air this summer

    Its kind of heavy but very stiff (laterally) and works great. I saw that Performance Bike has them on sale for $290 with canti-studs which I assume you will need for a Trek 820.

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    A $300 fork on a $280 bike? Financially it's a no win situation if you buy a new fork. You will never see a penny of that money back if you sell the bike but you could re-install the rst crappy fork and keep the new fork when it's time to get a new bike.

    Anyhow the Tora would be a huge upgrade. Maybe look for a Fox Float80 or 100 used on ebay, just be sure whatever fork you get has mounts for rim brakes, assuming the trek does not have disc brakes.

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