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    Cost to upgrade this with Disc Brakes

    Whats a rough estimate to upgrade this to disc brakes? I'm interested in this bike, but really prefer disc brakes. It's a Specialized Rockhopper FSR XC Comp Sport. Not sure what year. I'm contemplating buying it for 750.


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    It has mounts but you need a disc wheelset. Deore m615s are 86 now at Ribble. Search ebay and CL for a wheelset. Should be 100. Plus rotors...Avid HS1 on ebay are $11. You will likely also need a cassette.

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    Why would he need a cassette? If it's good, just take off the existing one and put in on the new disc wheelset.

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    $750 sounds like a lot for that bike, in my opinion.

    I had a 2001 rockhopper that I bought new and rode for 10 years until the frame eventually gave out. It was a good bike, but anything older like this one, with 26" wheels, and rim brakes isn't going to be worth as much as bikes that are more up to date.

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    ^ agree with the price statement. That is too much for that bike. By the time you upgrade the wheels, disc brakes, rotors, mounts, labor if you don't install it yourself, etc. with that bike price, you will be close to a grand.
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    Have you ridden it? What are you riding now?

    FSR XCs are not the bike that got me to consider me paying money for a full-suspension bike...
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    For $750 you could do much better than that bike. I'd look for a new or used hardtail 29er.

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    Bicycle Blue Book lists the 2005 versio WITH disc brakes in "like new" condition as being worth $441. Clearly the seller has no idea what he is selling and how out dated it is. Let some other sucker waste their money on that.

    2005 Specialized FSR XC Comp - New and Used Bike Value

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