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    Listen! Competitive Cyclist Saddle Test Kit

    OK - I had started another thread on my butt hurting and someone mentioned this thing where for 75 bucks you get 11 of Competitive Cyclist' best selling saddles to try for a week.

    I did this - and MAN was it worth the money! The saddles I thought I would like I didn't, the ones I didn't think I would like I did, and I've narrowed it down to two saddles, one I'm doing a ride on tomorrow and one on Saturday before shipping the whole lot back in the UPS prepaid envelope thing.

    I tried each one, two of them on a 14 mile ride in Red Rock Canyon (Dead Horse Loop if you know it) last Saturday - switched mid ride. The others I tried for a quarter to a half mile or so in the neighborhood, then switched and kept trying.

    One of the saddles I liked the best happened (I didn't look at any prices or weights before riding them) to be the lightest and cheapest intense saddle, the other was a WTB (there were three in the kit) which was middle of the road in weight and $150 vs. the $79 Intense saddle.

    I'll select one this weekend, then order it online - they give me a $35 credit for trying the demo kit.

    All in all - I would have guessed and bought one of the selle italia's most likely for the name and quality - but those felt the WORST for me. Everyone has a different structure I would imagine, and someone may love them but for me no dice!

    The only reason I mention this here is because it really turned out to be a great program and I honestly think it was worth my investment as I saved myself from buying a more expensive and less comfortable saddle.

    I hope this info helps others of you trying to find a comfy seat.

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    Wow, that sounds like a good idea. I've been riding a WTB Rocket V for over a year, but I would not be surprised if there was something better for me out there.
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