Hello guys,

I am new to mountainbiking (i hope i got the right forum section), and i would like to buy a mountain bike. To be honest, i almost have no idea about what to look for. I could build a efficient PC for a good price, but bike parts are really a new area for me. Ive been commuting with kind of a hybrid in Berlin for the last 3 years leaving around 45km a week. Now as I moved working in NJ i have to get something.

I am a tall 6'2" guy and am used to roads hence the relatively high speed that can be reached. But I really want to go a step deeper to some offroad tracks. But for that i need a stable bike.

As a total newbie, it would be bold to say my needs will be highly steep roads with a lot of jumps - but on the other hand who knows if this is really the thing I will aim to in the future?

Hardtail has often been mention as appropriate for beginners for reasons such as learning to control the bike, more energy transfer as opposed to full suspension, and probably the price.

Those are models I could find so far, but since i have NO idea what parts are good or bad, it is a little bit like a bet:



Amazon.com : Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Atroz Full Suspension Complete Mountain Bike : Sports & Outdoors

Breezer Squall 1.0 Mountain Bike - 2015 - Performance Exclusive

As mentioned, my budget limit would be 900, above that I am afraid I would spend too much for a beginner like me or too little for something decent enough. I am open to any discussion. Any advice is welcome! Thank You