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Thread: Brodie Catalyst

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    Brodie Catalyst

    My new (to me) commuter/trail bike =D 10 years old!

    Brodie Catalyst XC Mountain Bike
    Lighting Series
    Steel Frame//Prestige CR-MO Double Butted TANGE
    2002 MXC Air fork
    Shimano WH-535 wheel set
    Full Shimano Deore
    SRAM 7.0 V-Brakes F/R

    Changed saddle to WTB Pure V.
    Came with Duro Cavalier road tires 26x1.5 and some WTB Nano Raptor 26x2.0 for dirt.

    Cant find much in regards to early model Brodie bikes like the catalyst which sucks but I guess it is a rare bike? I would guess its around 8 to 10 years old?

    Thanks for looking, and let me know what you think. =)

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    Looks great!
    I got a Brodie Kinetic recently that was left to rust by someone. Only had the fork and cranks with it. Got as far as repainting the frame but since it's a 19" decided not to go to the expense of building it up at this stage (I'm 5ft7). It's such a nice frame though and cromo and all, was a shame to leave it to rust!
    I did do some research and eventually found some info on my particular bike (which was a 2000 model)

    Just thought I'd share the info I found...
    Brodie Bicycles Online

    Click on the Brodie graphic on the above website
    Then click on the little picture towards the bottom that says "2000 bikes"
    It shows the Catalyst as a frame set but doesn't show any info when you click on the pic

    On the top right corner you will see Jan 2002, I thought that might bring up 2002 models but they seem to be still the same, the Catalyst is still just a frame set, and still no info comes up, but if you click on the little picture that says "Geometry" you will at least get an idea of the likely frame geo.
    Info seems limited because it is just an archive of the old web pages from that time.

    If you have any specific questions I did find that the Brodie guys seem to respond pretty quickly when you send them an email inquiry!

    There is also a Brodie thread on mtbr, you might find something useful in there maybe
    Brodie Thread

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    From what I've read the year 2000 or 2001 was the last year they made bikes like the Kinetic in CroMo.

    Does yours take a standard 27.2mm seat post? Just curious as I don't trust my measurements with my frame.

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