I am looking for a bike or frame to build up this winter for next years "season" of riding. New or used is fine. I am looking to buy around black Friday as there seems to be some great deals round that time on new frames. I need to compile a list of acceptable frames, what size I will need and what price is a great deal so I can jump on a deal when it presents itself. My budget is flexible though I am hoping to get a frame and fork for under $1000. An example is JensonUSA had a RIP 9 with RS Revelation fork for $850 last year. I just didn't have the knowledge to jump on it while it was available. I probably would have gone with a large when a medium would fit me better in this particular frame.

I currently ride a 19" (large) '08 Rockhopper 29er with 100mm fork. I like the geometry and it fits me well. I am looking to upgrade to a stiffer full suspension frame as some of the terrain I ride is a bit much for a hardtail. What I ride ranges from XC to AM though I think most would be considered "trail" riding. I am 5'11" and about 230#s. So right between most medium and large frames and a bit heavier than most riders. I plan on running a 1x10 drivetrain so clearance shouldn't be an issue on any frame.

Requirements with reasons....
- 29er - I have a nice 29er wheelset, tires, etc and I like the platform.
- ~120mm travel - Seems about right.
- Tapered head tube - Want the stiffness and straight steerers are becoming less common. Tapered is more future proof.
- 9x135 preferred - I would prefer not to have my rear wheel re-laced to a new hub but I realize that 12x142 is becoming the new standard in anything over 100mm.
- Shorter chainstays/ farther rear center of gravity - Of the bikes I have ridden I prefer the ones with shorter chainstays. It could also be a that I like my center of gravity farther back. So I guess that could be achieved with a steeper seat angle as well. I have hopped on a RIP 9 which don't have the shortest chainstays but still felt alright.

Anyway, any suggestions for bike that should be on my short list? Frames that are expected to be on BF deals would be preferred due to budget.