1. The most important thing about buying a new bike is to make sure it fits. The only way you'll know if the bike is right for you is to size up the bike and make sure that the bike's geometry matches your body's geometry. Ask questions and do some research.
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2. If possible, try to find a shop that will let you demo the bike on real dirt. Five minutes in a parking lot won't cut it. You wouldn't buy a car without a real world test drive, and a bike should be no different.
3. Don't belive the hype. Just because your favorite rider or best friend rides a certain bike, that doesn't mean that's the best one for you. Have an open mind and be realistic about your needs and ability.
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    Bike choice advise

    I am new to mtb. and am going to buy either a 1998 gt timberline with manitou sx shocks and some goodies (tires, pump) or a 2007 Marin hawkhill with no goodies.both priced $275.00. Any advise on which is a better buy.

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    On the surface buying a 15 year old bike that was decent in its day vs a low end modernish bike is-to the experienced eye a no brainer.

    The newer bike.

    This being said with absolutely no other info as to condition, fit, your riding goals, etc.

    Both seem overpriced. If you can swing $500 for a new bike, I'd go that route

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