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    Back Into Cycling, New to MTBR !!!!! Long Read :)

    Hi Everyone,

    Good to be here !!!

    I recently got back into the sport and decided to join this forum.

    My first bike as an adult was a Raleigh M-800. (back in 1995) I liked it a lot. I rode it woods and pavement, gravel, etc. Dragged it through the woods a few times. It served me well. After about 10 years the headset (?) on the frame cracked. Headset I think, The part of the frame that was the tube where the handlebars and shock are attached. Can't remember details but Raleigh didn't make it worth my while to stay with them as far as the frame.

    My next bike was purchased at a local sporting goods store. It is a GT timberline comfort model. Bought around 2005 or so. I wanted a more comfortable riding position and it is very comfortable. I've used that bike quite a lot.

    About 2010 I won a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Although it was certainly a blessing, it also turned out to be somewhat of a curse. I stopped riding the bicycle, had virtually no exercise at all, and consequently no motivation. I'd become the laziest person I know

    Anyway, after 4 years or so of the motorcycle life, the novelty slowly began to wear off. I still like to ride, but it's no longer a top priority. I needed recovery !!! not to mention the feeling I get when I ride past people on bicycles, envying their slower relaxed pace, ability to share the experience that's considerably easier to communicate without a motor.

    Recently I started riding the bicycle again and let me tell you, 4 years out of that saddle took its toll. First ride or two was hell. My body and soul screamed NOOOOO !!!!

    After a ride or two I started hooking up with some buds that still bicycle. Physically I was making decent progress, and I'm feeling much better. I still have trouble getting off the couch sometimes, but I've made a vow to ride, also to always ride with others whenever asked. I've kept that vow.

    I realized that the comfort model was taking a beating. I was often asking it to do way more than it was designed to do. I shopped around a bit and ended up buying a Breezer Thunder Expert. There wasn't much user info on it since Breezer just got back into Mountain bikes about 5 years ago, but I liked the bike, the company had a decent reputation, and the price was right. It's a pretty smooth ride, but no surprise it's not as comfortable as my GT comfort model.

    I'm planning on a higher set of bars, , maybe two to four inches, already replaced the flat riser with an angled one, also looking into a seat I can live with. I'm going to end up with a "Hybrid" in the end anyway I guess, but it will fit my needs well.

    Right now I'm just enjoying putting the miles on and the clear head I have after a good ride. I'm pretty impressed with how much prices have come down for what I consider a mid-grade bike.

    I love the ride of the 29'r, all those gears, and the beefy shock that handles the extra pounds I've aquired, etc. Still getting used to the trigger shifters, I've always liked twist shifts. I also put Walmart cage pedals on it. Surely antique to some, but some old habits never die, and I like the versatility and simplicity of them.

    I guess that's my intro. It was long, so if you're still reading, THANKS !!!!

    I'll admit I really don't know squat about the mechanics, lingo, etc , I have a ton of questions, but I'll search them out or ask them in time.

    Again, Great to Be Here and Thanks for Reading !!!!!

    North Eastern Pa.

    2014 Breezer Thunder Expert Stock

    200? GT Timberline Comfort Model Stock

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    Welcome. Lots of good advice here.

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