• 11-27-2012
    2x10 to 1x10, change chain ring bolts?
    Hey All

    Planning to convert my XT crankset 2x10 to 1 x10. Besides the chain ring, will I need new chain ring bolts to accommodate the single ring? THANKS

    Appreciate yall time!
  • 11-27-2012
    option #1 you could use shorter bolts, steel if you can find them
    option #2 you can use a bash guard instead of the bigger ring
    option #3 my mrp chain guide came with spacers to take up the difference

    personally I was not impressed with the quality of the mrp guide

    good luck
  • 11-28-2012
    If you don't use a bash guard then you will need to use shorter chainring bolts. Actually, it is the nuts that need to be short.
    None of the stores around here seem to carry single ring bolts and nuts, I don't know how many times I've bought a little bag of bolts and when I've got home they are too long.
    I shorten the nuts using a belt sander and vice grips. As long as you get them short enough, the actual length is not critical.
  • 11-29-2012
    Another option if you plan to stay with a 1x10 setup and want a bashguard is to grind the teeth off of your outer chainring and make it into a bashguard if you have the patience to do it :)
  • 11-29-2012
    He doesn't have an outer ring 2x10 is more like two middle rings
  • 11-29-2012
    1x10 itīs good
  • 12-02-2012
    A 2 ring set-up normally has a bash on it already. So spacers or shorter bolts will be what you'll need.