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    29+ for a beginner?

    I'm just starting out learning to ride a bike and am considering buying a 29+. My impression is that extra traction and wider tires would make the bike more stable easier to control.

    Right now, I'm using a borrowed hybrid bike and it feels like I'm going to fall over if I flinch, or just pedal too hard. My gut feeling is that the relatively skinny tires contribute to the instability.


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    Well, I think any dedicated "mountain bike" will ride better than the hybrid.

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    For sure, especially on dirt. Right now I'm practicing/crashing on pavement. The plan is to ride on trails as soon as I buy an appropriate bike. But before I spens the money, I'm teying to narrow it down to a single wheel size.

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    Hybrid bikes have usually thinner tires than any mountain bike. So if you go with a normal tire or a "PLUS" tire mountain bike, you will get more rubber on the ground giving you more grip and more stability. "+" is the new trend in the bike market right now. You have to evaluate what kind of riding you will be doing and then decide if you go with the "+" bike or not.
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    People have been riding 26" bikes for many years with no issues as far as stability is concerned. I think the thing to look at is the terrain and your riding style more than anything. 26" are more agile and if anything, maybe easier to control. 29ers do have a little better traction and tend to climb better. They also roll over rough terrain better. My suggestion...test ride both. If possible, see if you can test them on a trail. Even if you have to rent a bike for a day. See if you can rent one of each, maybe half day on one, half day on the other. That's really the only way you'll ever know the difference between the two wheel sizes...actually ride them.
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    I think a 29+ like the new Stache from trek would be an excellent first bike. The quality is there and yes, the much fatter tyres should offer more confidence to you in both cornering and rolling over ruts and other trail features.
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