Hey this is my first time posting here, but long time reading. I'm considering buying a 2008 Kona Stinky. I found one for a really good price. I've been wanting to transition from xc/trail to DH/freeride but it's been hard finding a decently priced bike while in school. The frame size is listed as 15". The kona stinky goes from 15" to 17" frame as far as I know. Being 6' tall 150lbs even, I'm afraid the 15" frame is going to be way too small.

Basically what is the difference between just a "mountain bike" framing chart, and DH/freeride framing. Is it more based on reach? Would the 15" stinky be putting me OTB every chance it gets? Thanks for any help.

Edit: Sorry this was supposed to be in bike/ frame discussion. Accidentally posted in here while browsing. Please move if possible.