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    I'm thinking of getting a kegorator again...

    I used to own a Haier kegorator and it was pretty good. I actually got a 2 tap system for the top. Only thing I hated was a glass of foam when you first start pouring. I don't mind spending money on good beer, but I hate waste. I eventually sold it, partly because I was trying to come up with money for a road bike and partly because I was doing the bottle thing. Well, my tastes seem to have streamlined. I pretty much only drink Ithaca Flower Power all summer long. I only drink Nugget Nectar when it's fresh and there's maybe 1 or 2 winter seasonals I like. So, I'm thinking about it again. Can anyone recommend any specific brands or models? I was thinking Beverage Air but they seem to be crazy expensive. Most other brands seem to have similar price points. I don't need anything fancy, just reliable. If it wasn't made in China (I know) that'd be great too. Thanks!

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    I built a keezer out of a chest freezer. You can find lots of ideas on the web. I ordered my manifold and taps, hosing and etc from kegcowboy. I can fit 3 cornies or 2 tall quarter barrells in there with room for the c02 and a few 6 packs.

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    Depends on your budget

    If you have the $$$, get a Summit. I couldn't afford one so I ended up getting an Edgestar first and then a Danby. Both currently have 2 taps each for homebrews. Get a tower fan cooler for $40 to prevent foamy pours...issue solved. Both hold the CO2 tanks outside, which I liked. Of the 2, I'd recommend the Danby. It's a little bigger, has a digital temp display and runs much quieter. I believe the Edgestar is made in the U.S. but it's loud.

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    Summit and Beverage Air would be the answer if money isn't an issue. I have a Kenmore I'm more than happy with. I think the Edgestar, Danby and similar are great options as well. To prevent foamy pours I would suggest longer beverage lines, 10 ft or so, more than likely any kegorator will come with 5 ft lines. I also ran my lines through a piece of copper to help keep a chill in the tower. I've never had any issues with foamy pours.

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    I've had a Summit for about 8 years now and it looks and works as good as it did on day 1 even though it is kept outside on covered porch.

    I do however also have the foamy pour issue but it is generally only with the first pour after it has sat for a day. My solution is to have more beers as there is never a problem with subsequent pours if done before too long!

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    I have a Summit. I've found keeping the co2 always "on" over the years simply keeps pressure too high. I run 1/6bb's in mine and manually open the co2 tank as required. Full blast of the co2 and I have not been able to regulate pressure as good as just shutting down the inline gas pressurizing the keg. When it's down to a trickle, I know to turn the knob on for a second or two to refill the keg giving it some more pressure.
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