Harpoon recently updated their newsletter with the full 2012 release schedule.

(Boston, MA) – In what is becoming an annual holiday tradition, here is your first look at Harpoon Brewery‘s 2012 schedule.

In March, Harpoon will launch a few new packages. One will be Rich and Dan’s Rye IPA in 6-packs, 13.2 gal. kegs and 1/6 bbl kegs. That beer, a commemorative brew celebrating the company founders and Harpoon’s 25th anniversary, debuted as #37 in Harpoon’s 100 Barrel Series this past year. Harpoon Dark will also be available in 22s and 13.2 gal. kegs beginning in March.

The brewery will also add UFO White in cans and has a few new beers to add to its Leviathan and 100 Barrel lines. Also of note, another White IPA sighting here…

Italics denotes new offering.

Seasonals (6-pks, 12-pks, 13.2, 1/6):

January through March – Celtic Ale
Mid-March through August – Summer Beer (cans Apr-Aug)
April through August – IPA cans
Mid-August through October – Octoberfest
Mid-October through December – Winter Warmer

UFO Seasonals (6-pks, 12-pks, 13.2, 1/6):

April through August – UFO White cans
August through October – UFO Pumpkin

Limited Editions (6-pks):

June through July – Bohemian Pilsner
Mid-October through November – Grateful Harvest
November to Mid-February – Chocolate Stout

Levitation Series (4pk, 1/6 bbl):

Year-round – Imperial IPA
February through April – Quad
Mid-April through June – Great Scott
Mid-June through August – Red Squared
Mid-August through November – Baltic Porter
Mid-November through Mid-February – Barleywine

100 Barrel Series (22oz, 13.2, 1/6 bbl):

January – Black IPA
March – Catamount Maple Wheat
May – Ginger Wheat
August – White IPA
November – Coffee Porter

Variety Packs (12 packs):

Mid-January through March – 5:30 Club Mix Pack – IPA, UFO White, Dark, Rich and Dan’s Rye IPA (replacing Belgian Pale Ale)
April through August – Summer Vacation – IPA, UFO White, Summer Beer, Bohemian Pilsner
September through October – Fall Mix Pack (Name TBD) – IPA, UFO Pumpkin, Octoberfest, Rich and Dan’s Rye IPA
Mid-October through Mid-January – Wintry Mix Pack – Styles Not Yet Announced
Very excited for more Levitation Series brews.