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    "Espresso machine for beer" A one week, push button homebrew machine

    Brew Your Own Beer in Just One Week (Instead of the Standard Six) with PicoBrew - Core77

    I have mixed opinions on this (mostly negative to be honest as a traditional homebrewer) but thought it would make an interesting discussion.
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    A buddy of mine sent me a link to this on Kickstarter a while ago. They've certainly made their start up money. Also skeptical, but curious. I think I'd rather spend my money on a brew bucket or conical fermenter to add to my current supplies and ditch the carboys than this thing. I imagine there is less control over the brew process and less possible variety, but I really don't know. Still it's an interesting option if you are in the mindset to purchase an automated homebrew system, especially if you live in an apt.
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    I'm with you...there's something that just feels wrong. It seems like removing the art (and the cleaning) of brewing.

    That being said, the creators have been working with Fremont Brewing, a seriously legit local craft outfit. Fremont has been using it to run test recipes, and the feedback I've heard is that they've been impressed.

    At $1500, it's priced well south of a high-quality espresso machine so I could see them being moderately successful sales-wise. There are a lot of young-urban-professional types with disposable cash who want to try out "real home-brewing," but don't want to deal with the hassle of figuring out equipment, futzing with recipes and keeping everything clean.

    But you can buy an awful lot of brewing equipment for $1500.

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    I saw this thing a few weeks ago as well, and it's the perfect solution for my situation. I live in a crap studio apt with very little real estate to spare (since having four bikes inside takes valuable real estate). As for how good/reliable/variety you can get, time will tell. I'm certainly not rich, but as a grad student who wants solid brews, it's high on the possible solutions list.

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    No good can come of this.
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    "there's no art in scrubbing out a kettle...[or] sitting in front of a crab cooker and reading a book.." - Avi Geiger, co-founder.

    Actually Avi, that's part of the art of craft brewing. Preparation, cleaning, sanitation, cooking and patience. That's actually most of what brewing is.

    I think it's a cool machine and a neat innovation, but there are too many people who want it to remain a craft. It's even hit the espresso crowd - taking things down a notch and producing a more labor-intensive product has become popular again.

    I see it as being a popular pilot system for craft breweries and homebrewers, but it's too small for really anything else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tuffguy View Post
    I'm certainly not rich, but as a grad student who wants solid brews, it's high on the possible solutions list.
    1. Do not use your school loans to buy a Picobrew. There are many options for the small scale homebrewer. If you do purchase, you are indeed a rich grad student.

    2. You can purchase many solid brews over a lengthy period of time (4-5 yrs of school, assuming PhD.) with $1500.
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