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    what the quan?!
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    El Toro Ghost Chili Golden Ale

    Anyone try this stuff?
    I had some the other day... HOT DAMN! Hottest pepper beer I've ever had!
    Probably more of a novelty beer more than anything.

    I am a chili head, so I definitely enjoyed the heat... my gf took a sip... a bit too hot for her.. oops!!

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    Nope - but thanks for reminding me of El Toro. I used to drink their Poppy Jasper on tap at San Jose State many years ago. Good to hear that they are still around.

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    Damn, that's another beer brewed with the Jolokia pepper that I need to try and get my hands on.
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    While I am a bonafide chilihead, chili-themed beers just don’t do it for me. Don’t get me wrong—I love to eat slices of raw habañero chiles with my food daily, but mixing it with beer (other than a means of cooling down the heat from eating the chiles) is just a no-no in my book; pure novelty.
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