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    Beer Festivals- for true beer lovers

    Hey you guys, this year i went to the Jerusalem beer fest which was quite nice (didnt expect much really) but it really suprised me for good.
    This summer i went to Berlin and thats the place to go if you like beers, the varity ain't that big but the beers are good. i heard there's like a bar with a 100 types of beer, i dunno what it's called nd where is it. if you're planning to go then search it yourslef haha.
    anyways, have you been to any beer fests? upload pics and stuff!
    Beer Festival in Jerusalem 2011 - YouTube

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    Pretty ladies, and beer...sign me up!

    Looks like it was a blast, thanks for sharing.

    Was Dancing Camel from Tel Aviv there pouring by any chance?
    They do some great stuff...granted, it's the only Israeli brewery I've ever come across, in my limited exposure to the country.

    Beer fests are great! I try to hit a few every year.
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    The Great Taste of the Midwest is held yearly in Madison, WI is quite an event. Can't link to it yet......noob.

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