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Thread: Ail Mail

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    Ail Mail

    Does anyone on here trade brews? I have a buddy who does it but I was just curious where a lot of you go through and what your experiences have been. Any solid shipping methods/containers you've had good experiences with? I'd like to get into it casually but I'm not really sure where to start. Anyone?

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    The guys on this thread were into trading.

    I've not seen the OP post here in a while, however.

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    Yeah Josh and I have done a number of trades.

    I have also traded with a few others on this sub forum.

    I typically take some bubble wrap and wrap each bottle individually and then pack them in with some crumpled paper or packing peanuts between them.

    Josh does a lot more trading that I do and has actually purchased some very nice Styrofoam shipping boxes:
    Styrofoam Wine Shippers, Styrofoam Wine Shipping Boxes in Stock - ULINE

    They work really well.

    I also have saved a few boxes with nice cardboard inserts shaped for Wine Bottles that will work just fine for 750ml Bottles. I got them when I had a n out of town wine club membership and they shipped me the wine.

    I typically ship via UPS because there is a UPS store right by my house and it is super easy, i put the description down as Collectible Glassware and mark it fragile. USPS specifically will not knowingly ship Booze, so you have to be very careful with the packaging if you plan to use them. UPS is much more expensive, but I don't care as much about that, i just hate dealing with the USPS and going to the post office is a pain.

    Kinda related:
    I once sold some body parts to a car, they were an odd size and I did not want a GIANT box to put them in, so I took some old win boxes I had and cut them up and made my own custom shaped box to fit the parts. I failed to turn the box inside out so only cardboard on on the outside and the local Post Office refused to ship it because on one side it said Merlot..... I almost lost it at the post office, i was so mad. Even the clerk agreed with me that the package was too light to even contain one bottle of wine in it, but USPS policy states they cannot ship it if they even suspect it has booze in it... It was plastic body parts.... I went home and took some butcher paper, wrapped the entire thing and went back to a different Post Office and shipped it no problem. USPS is a joke, no wonder they are losing so much business..... /rant
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