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    Tallest fork on a spitfire V2 and ride qaulity

    Looking for input from anyone that has ridden a taller/more travle fork on the v2 spit. Something like 170mm??

    asking cause two forks Im looking at MRP stage and Manitou Mattoc adjustable to 170mm and just curious how the bike rides with a taller fork.

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    As far as I know Banshee "allows" only for 140 to 160 mm Fork (with internal/external Headset) on the V2 Spitfire. A taller Fork is going to affect Warranty ...
    Maybe it depends on the maximum A-to-C-heigth ...

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    I have test-ridden the Spitfire v2 with a Fox Float 34 27,5 160mm, which is 555m A-C, the same a-c a Float 170mm 26 would have. I like the feeling of the bike a lot and am planning to build up the bike with a 180mm FLoat, reduced to 170mm to reach the A-C 555mm.

    The A-C for a 170mm 26 Float is just 10mm above the recommended A-C, for which banshee reports geometry, so I would think it is within tolerance what the frame can take. Ihave not found any infor on this topic on the Banshee webpage (fork height restriction).

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    Have to ask the WHY? If you want that much travel and/or to slack it out that much, then sounds like a Rune is the better choice
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    Same here. I´m riding a BOS Deville 160 mm travel 26"-Fork with 650B-Wheels (A-to-C 545 mm), ZS-Angleset and the Geometry (neutral Flip-Chips) feels damn perfect for my terrain. Wouldn´t like it higher up front or need more travel.
    If I were you I would ask Banshee what´s the maximum A-to-C-heigth for the Spitfire ...

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