• 07-26-2013
    Rune V2 drivetrain questions
    Have a Rune V2 frame coming next week and am trying to get drive train figured out and parts ordered before hand. Previous bike was 1x9 32/11-34 short cage, Straitline Silent Guide 32T only. Want to stick with the Same guide and 32T ring, but 1x10 11-36. Previous frame was Turner Spot, with the elevated chainstay being a completely different design than the rune my concern is that the 32T guide and short cage derailleur wont jive with the lower chainstay of the Rune. From photos it looks like the guides are a tight fit and rotated quite a bit CC to clear chainstay. Prefer short cage, but could deal with a medium. Also looking for opinions on the clutch type derailleurs on the Rune. Really looking forward to getting this bike built up!! Thanks in advance..Chris
  • 07-27-2013
    in the trees
    Ha! Was going to ask a similar question. Okay to use smaller 1x chainrings (28 or 30T)?
  • 07-30-2013
    Shimano Zee Derailleur works (version for 11-36), and has a very short cage, if that helps.
    The LG1+ on my Rune V2 sits fairly "normal"
  • 07-30-2013
    Took the time to go through the Rune V2 build thread(damn thats a long thread!) and see what others are running. Decided to go 1x10 11/36 mid cage type2, 32T RaceFace Narrow/Wide ring and bash gaurd, no guide. Sceptical of the clutch derailleur, seems to be getting mixed reviews, will see how it works out here in rocky AZ terrain...........
  • 07-30-2013
    I am running a 32x11-36 with a E13 XCX top guide. The rear derailleur is an XT shadow Plus and the clutch does indeed work very well, not a single dropped chain to date.

    The only problem I am having is old age and 'fatness', on steeper longer climbs 32x36 is not low enough the legs are blowing up halfway. Will try a 30t front next but the XCX guide does not seem to clear the spider so that may not work. May also need to ride more and eat less, but that's a lot more effort than ordering a new 30t.