Sucked a$$.

July 2011
I was in the market for 6 inch bike. One I could ride hard in Moab. An "all mountain" bike as the cool kids call it. I wanted something fairly slack and stout. I eventually settled on a Rune despite having no local dealers. I dropped 1700 bucks on the frame and a a week later it showed up at my doorstep. It wasn't until August did I have time to build it up as I was away for a while. On my very first ride I noticed that the shock hardware was, ummm, wrong.
<a href="" title="IMG_2152 by jwindhall, on Flickr"><img src="" width="864" height="1024" alt="IMG_2152"></a>

<a href="" title="IMG_2157 by jwindhall, on Flickr"><img src="" width="1024" height="747" alt="IMG_2157"></a>

Called my dealer and they made right immediately. This was also about the time the whole bushings thing blew up here on MTBR. Despite knowing the drama factory that is MTBR, I figured it was in my best interest to check the torque values on my Rune pivots. I found they were all over the place. Once was nearly loose enough to unscrew with my fingers, others were as tight as a nun. I torqued to recommended value. ( Can't remember what it was at the time since it's changed a few times).

October 2011
My bike looked like this:
<a href="" title="DSC00531 by jwindhall, on Flickr"><img src="" width="933" height="942" alt="DSC00531"></a>

I emailed my dealer. I got this from fwd'ed from Trident:

I will have Dennis put Justin on this list for the "wear kits" Banshee is
producing to solve issue like this. In most cases on the Rune it is an
issue of over torquing the pivots that cause wear like this.

The wear kits are a UHMW spacer that is bonded into the wear area to bring
the internal diameter of the chain stay back into spec. The spacers are
longer wearing and have a lower co-efficient of friction than the aluminum
the frame so it should allow the frame to run longer and smoother.

I expect we should have the kits within a couple of weeks.

I also purchased a new bushings kit to hel alleviate any problems.

December 2011 (2 months from first reporting my problem)
I emailed my dealer and asked about these "wear kits". I got the following in return:

It's looking like early January still for those pieces, I
haven't forgotten about you, will definitely keep you posted. Feel free to
check back in with me in January, and if they show before I will get a set
out to you.

Hmm, well that sucks! I've been riding a clanky Rune for nearly 3 months now. So I took matter into my own hand. And did the following:

<a href="" title="IMG_3081 by jwindhall, on Flickr"><img src="" width="450" height="500" alt="IMG_3081"></a>

At this point, the problem was bad enough to warrant a fender washer superglued to the frame. It actually worked awesome for a while.

Late February 2012 ( 5 months after reporting problem)

Becoming increasingly annoyed with the fact I dropped 1700$ on a frame that "worked" for 2 months, I emailed both my dealer and Banshee. I got:

Thanks for the email & I am sorry to hear about the ongoing problems with your Rune.

I have asked Dennis from our distributor, Trident Sports to contact you & arrange a warranty replacement ASAP.

Well, alright. Looks like I might finally be taken care of.

Late March 2012 ( 6 months after reporting problem)

Dear Trident? Where is my bike?

Sorry I havenít heard anything about your warranty issue from banshee.
If you would to talk to them direct you can email he is part owner and handles banshee warranty.
Sorry for any inconvenience this has coursed you


Early April 2012 ( 7 months after reporting problem)

email from Trident:

Your medium raw warranty frame will ship today

Please remove your shock and return the frame to
Trident sports
1576 bay st
North Vancouve
BC V7J 1A1

A 2012 frame did show up at my doorstep a week or so later. unfortunately, it cost me like 300bucks to send my defective frame back to Banshee, which sucked. The new bike had the "wear washers" pre installed. I'm no mechanical engineer, that just wasn't an acceptable solution for a 1700 frame. I sold the frame on eBay at my loss and bought a Nomad.

You might think this post is biased because I'm pissed off - and you would be correct. Can you really blame me?