"This situation requires a really stupid and futile gesture be done on somebodies part!"

I love stupid and futile things. Nonetheless, I am putting together a Banshee jersey design tentatively as none are available. I am getting the design together and will post the proofs. I just wanted to get some idea of how many peeps would be interested. While there is no real minimum order on such things the price drops the more that are ordered. I have looked at possibilities from Champ-sys and Voler. I would ideally like to put a design together under a "team/group" name and then allow riders to select whatever they want, however mainly I am looking to do a 3/4 sleeve trail/DH jersey. I am open to suggestion on manufacturing and design elements as well, so fire away.

PS: I am not a total rube as I designed the logo and jerseys for my old regional group the EVMA.