I have this tread in another forum ... mods please delete if I can't have (2) threads with the same subject.

I've got a line on a Banshee Scratch ... I really like the lines, geometry is comfortable, plus I've got an itch for some steel. I was wondering how they are set up as a AM/XC.
(seems to me that it would be a nice AM/XC for those rooty and steep trails; with its agility and heft ... plus it's about bullet-proof ... not sure how it will do on steep climbs though, and I do worry about being able to get the seat post height correct/higher)

It seems that most are set up more as a jump bike ... this one is too: Single speed; bomber front end; 26"-ers, front and rear hydraulic brakes. With that, it doesn't seem to be too difficult to set-up as more of a AM/XC (with a front fork change, a typical MTB style saddle & post). From what I understand, it can be changed over to a multi gear (1X ...).

Also, the owner is currently asking $600 (loaded with quality components) ... plus I'll be dropping some extra $$ to change it over. Is it worth the $$? Also putting the $$ into changing it to a AM/XC?

Thanks for any info ... experience ... thoughts about the idea.