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    Banshee Amp Help

    Hey guys!

    It's been some time since I've posted in the Banshee forum. And quite some time since I've sold my V1 Rune.

    However, I have a hankering to learn to ride pump track and dirt jumps to help move my trail riding skills up a notch.

    In thinking on it, I always loved the Amp. At least I did when I worked in the Bike Industry. I helped manage a shop, and we sold Banshee then.

    So, the questions begin! Who is riding one of these? And how does the sizing go? I am 5'7, and curious is I should be buying a long or short, for ripping around the bike park, jumps, and pump track?

    And does anyone know if Banshee still deals directly with the customer these days (in Canada)? The shop I worked for has since closed, and I am not completely trusting of the remaining shops. I assume Keith is still checking in here as well?

    Any and all advise on the Amp and how to best set it up would be amazing!


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    Banshee Amp Help

    I'm 5'9" and the short is great for me. I've ridden the long and it definitely feels pretty big; I'd imagine at a couple of inches shorter than me you'd be much happier with the short than the long.
    I don't know much about Banshee distribution in Canada, but I've seen some really good deals on frames from Fanatik Bike and Jenson USA.

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