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    2017 Banshee bikes: News, rumours, speculation etc

    I know it's only halfway through 2016, but I'm getting excited about what's next for Banshee. I've heard for 2017 that the bikes are trimming a bit of weight through some hydroforming of the front triangle, but that's all I know. Does anyone else out there have any info or sneak peeks to get us Banshee fans frothing?

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    No info yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vko View Post
    No info yet?
    No info will be released before Eurobike, so you'll just have to be patient
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    I have info for you:
    2017 Banshee's will continue to kick ass and make all other bikes feel like they have the technical capabilities of a Huffy Sledgehammer.

    Please don't put a bottle cage on the Spitfire. Or any of your bikes

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    As long as Banshee keeps the great KS-Link, the interchangeable dropouts and the "long-low-slack" geometry I´m fine with everything!

    Hydroforming? If it makes the frames easier to construct (f.e. rear-triangle/tubing instead of gussets), same durable but lighter that would be nice.
    Carbon? Maybe carbon-made links or dropouts could be the entry for Banshee introducing this material through their line-up, without overly raising pricing for the frames ... ?!?

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