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    Where to get the best Rock Shox service in Melbourne?

    I thought I recalled a thread for this in the past, but searching has brought about nothing.

    So where have people got the forks serviced and how good was the job they did? I have a leaking seal in the compression adjuster and there appears to be a leak between air chambers, so I want some that knows what they're doing to be tinkering with the innards of my Pike.

    Thanks for the advice.


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    Back when RideOn was still VicMTB they did a decent job on my Rev. It leaked a little around the floodgate knob so I took it back and they fixed it. But I get the impression none of the old gang are there anymore.

    Didn't someone do a good job on your Pike at a race somewhere?

    This is actually something I really want to learn how to do, so worst case scenario if you don't get many hits, we can always order a seal kit, find an online demo, and have a crack at it in my garage.

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    VicMTB did the last job on my Rev that was hydrolocked, but i wasn't really the VicMTB guys and the cocked it up and it locked again within weeks. No desire to go back there.

    A bit of research and a free afternoon might get it done at yours though..... I look into what I need other that a seal kit.

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    I'm down - I can bring some cold beer. I'm about to rip open a 120mm x 20mm Reba and I know they are all pretty similar inside....It looks easy on the video! Ha ha

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    I forgot you asked about the race service N_P, it was done at the Kona 24hr a few years back now by the Monza guys. Pure butter after that!!!

    Beardman, where did this fork come from, and where is it going to? They're basically identical inside ecept mine is in air u-turn.

    We will lock this learning session in soon.

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    Box Hill Cycleworks - Haison Bui works there part time. He used to be one of the fork guys at Monza. He went back to study and had to leave Monza hence now working part time at Cycleworks. It's highly likely he was the one who did your forks at the Kona 24 a few years back.

    A bio - He definitely rebuilt my brake and lever at 11pm at night using helmet light. I'd run out of pads, done a lap on the backing plate and boiled the fluid and fried the seals. He's one of the good guys...and came third at Boxxer world champs in Canberra in 2009 (all team mechanics strip and rebuild a Boxxer fork while skulling bears and having shots of various spirits - fastest to rebuild a working fork wins)

    Otherwise SRAM (not Monza) have a factory in Rowville now where Dylan Coulson works, Haison learnt from him. I don't know if they do direct bookings or if you have to go through an LBS though.

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