Roll call

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  • 01-12-2013
    Where you live?
    Melbourne, vic

    How often do you ride?
    Once or twice weekly MTB, two or three road commutes to work

    Style of riding?
    Single track, trail, xc


    Bike you own?
    Ancient trek 950 single track converted to single speed for my commute
    2009 specialised stumpjumper elite 26" full sus

    Bike you aspire to own?
    Currently eyeing off a 29er hardtail... Not sure which...

    Fave trail?
    Forrest trails west of melbourne

    Fave city?
    Perth... The sun, sea, southwest corner nearby...

    Other sports?
    Indoor soccer, running
  • 02-28-2013
    Hey guys. I've been reading on here for the last couple years, figured it was time I start doing some posting haha. Right now I'm just a traveling man from Los Angeles, in Sydney now, and will be in NZ somewhere come end of April. Pretty excited to get back into the mountains! Cheers!!

    Where you live? Turella, Sydney, NSW

    How often do you ride? Used to ride every other day back when I had my bike

    Style of riding? XC, borderline AM

    occupation? Leaflet delivery as of the time being

    bike you own? Don't anymore =/ Used to own a Diamondback Overdrive. Loved it.

    bike you aspire to own? I've been looking at the Giant Trance. Really just looking to get into full suspension AM... seems to suit my style just not my budget haha

    fave trail? Happy Valley Trail back in AZ in the states. Super flowy trail with perfect descents to match the climbs and was tucked away where nobody knew about it

    fave city... why? Visited Seattle. Didn't have my bike but man I wish I could have just gotten out there in those trees!!

    other sports? Anything potentially dangerous lol. Used to be big into riding motorbikes and snowboarding, I want to learn how to river kayak, and the more I watch rugby the more I want to have a go at that too
  • 03-02-2013
    Where you live?
    West Pennant Hills, Sydney, Aus

    How often do you ride?
    1-3...never as much as i want to

    Style of riding?
    Single track, trail, xc, AM

    Structural Engineer

    Bike you own?

    Bike you aspire to own?
    already have it...but can always aim for more yeti's

    Fave trail?
    Lake Parra, OMV,

    Fave city?
    Hong Kong

    Other sports?
    tennis, SEX
  • 04-05-2013
    Re: Roll call
    Where you live? (suburb, city, state)
    Geelong vic

    How often do you ride?
    3-4 x 40km commutes plus 1 x 30km mtn ride

    Style of riding?


    bike you own?
    2008 Anthem 0
    Merida road

    bike you aspire to own?
    A hover bike

    fave trail?
    You yangs, forrest and anglsea
    Travs diamond I reckon or boulder in the yy's

    fave city... why? (controversial!)
    South lake tahoe or canmore canada
    They're towns, not a big lover of cities I guess. I'm a jack of all trades and these towns have variety, quality and like minded folk

    other sports?
    Surf, climb, whitewater and sea kayak, tele and board
  • 05-04-2013
    Where you live? (suburb, city, state)
    Wollongong, NSW

    How often do you ride?
    2 times a week

    Style of riding?
    Trail crashing


    bike you own?
    Yeti SB66c

    bike you aspire to own?
    Zerode 180mm travel carbon with rohloff hub

    fave trail?
    all the ones with dirt, rocks, sand, clay, mud and trees that jump out at you

    fave city... why? (controversial!)
    Christchurch, for my family and friends

    other sports?
    Rugby, rugby and rugby
  • 05-16-2013
    Where you live?
    Melbourne, Vic

    How often do you ride?
    Whenever I get the chance between family and work!

    Style of riding?
    Anything as long as I get to ride..

    Nut and bolt sales

    Bike you own?
    Many older MTB's from the late 80's.

    Bike you aspire to own?
    Shogun Prairie Breaker Team Issue 1988 model...

    Fave trail?
    Nothing scary.

    Fave city?

    Other sports?
    Motorsport and anything that gets me out of the house..even Golf!
  • 08-08-2013
    Where you live? (suburb, city, state)
    Northside, Canberra

    How often do you ride?
    3 to 4 days a week

    Style of riding?
    Fast n rocky


    bike you own?
    Pivot mach 5.7c

    bike you aspire to own?
    Tron Lightcycle or my bike with more carbon :)

    fave trail?
    All of stromlo

    fave city... why? (controversial!)
    Queenstown....Snow, Mtb, 120+ licensed venues and every extreme sport possible

    other sports?
    MX, Snowboard, Footy
  • 04-05-2014
    Where you live? Home of the Bledisloe Cup - Aotearoa (Bill lives here too!)

    How often do you ride? Depends - try for twice a week... if on holiday every day

    Style of riding? XC, trail & AM

    occupation? teacher (hence lots of holiday riding)

    bike you own? KHS Winslow 29er HT & Kona Process 134

    bike you aspire to own? Maybe in a few years I'l get a FS 29er... Yeti or Specialized

    fave trail? any decent singletrack in NZ

    fave city? Dunedin

    other sports? Kung Fu, football, weight training
  • 05-05-2014
    Roll call
    Where you live? Sydney - Australia

    How often do you ride? once a week, if they wife's schedule allows!!

    Style of riding? AM , Trail, Single track

    occupation? Electrical engineer

    bike you own? Giant Trance X1

    bike you aspire to own? In the process of building a Banshee Spitfire 650b

    fave trail? Awaba...... Ourimbah

    fave city? New York, followed closely by Dublin.

    other sports? Running, boxing, Muay Thai.
  • 05-23-2014
    Where you live? (suburb, city, state) Nelson. NZ

    How often do you ride? never enough
    Style of riding?

    occupation? Auto repair / restoration

    bike you own? Scott

    bike you aspire to own?.. there are too many

    fave trail? Anything that's ok for this old fulla to pedal up and race down ...

    fave city... why? (controversial!) wont answer this

    other sports? fishing hiking etc,,
  • 11-08-2015
    Where you live?- Heyfield,Vic,Aus

    How often do you ride?- at least twice a week

    Style of riding?- usually out of control but mostly anything in the bush!

    Occupation- Maintenance manager for a Logging company.

    Bike you own?- 2008 GT outpost upgraded to the hilt, Specialized Hardrock sport.

    Bike you aspire to own- A new GT fury

    Fave trail- Local bike park Blores Hill and up bush in the BIG hills!

    Fave city?- have to be Heyfield only choice really!!!!

    Other sports?- Too many that aren't really PC???????
  • 05-02-2016
    Where you live? Townsville - Australia

    How often do you ride? At least 3 times a week.

    Style of riding? AM, Enduro, XC and dabble in a little FR/DH

    occupation? Refinery Operator

    bike you own? 2016 Rocky Mountain Altitude 799 custom build and 2008 Norco Sasquatch

    bike you aspire to own? Pretty much the Rocky I own but I like to constantly modify/improve/tweak things.

    fave trail? Kuranda Cairns

    fave city? Wherever my family resides.

    other sports? Little bit of amateur drag/circuit racing.
  • 05-18-2016
    Where you live?
    Auckland, NZ

    How often do you ride?
    about once a week

    Style of riding?
    Aggressive XC, fixed gear commuting

    Mechanical Engineer, Co-founder at WayWiser, a website for connecting adventure sport enthusiasts in New Zealand for MTB and more, check it out!

    Bike you own?
    '07 Kona Caldera hardtail

    Bike you aspire to own?
    Santa Cruz Blur

    Fave trail?
    in and Auckland area, Woodhill's Off the Grid is pretty mean!

    Fave city... why?
    Taupo, superior access to all kinds of excellent mtn biking, thermal springs/rivers, and massive tracts of wilderness, plus a huge freshwater lake!

    Other sports?
    sea kayaking, downhill skiing
  • 02-16-2017
    Where you live? Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

    How often do you ride?2-3 times a week

    Style of riding? XC, Downhill, Amateur :)

    occupation? Telco Manager

    bike you own? Trek Marlin 7 (2017), Trek Fuel EX9 (2012)

    bike you aspire to own? Trek Superfly 7

    fave trail? Canadian State Forest, Ballarat (it's about the only place I know at the moment)

    fave city... why? Tokyo, but for MTB Ballarat (it's close)

    other sports? BMX, Skate, Ski/Snowbaoard
  • 02-17-2017
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    Where you live?
    Cronulla, Sydney, NSW

    How often do you ride?
    Depends on time of year and current injuries.

    Style of riding?
    Gravity focused, old guys DH meaning GE.

    Air traffic Controller

    bike you own?
    Main ride, Pivot Mach 6 Carbon bombed up with full XTR, Push Eleven Six rear shock and Zelvy Carbon hoops.

    Back up ride, 2006 Specialized Enduro that I completely stripped and rebuilt, full XT build

    "Training" and Pub bike, Giant Roam XR

    bike you aspire to own?
    Pivot Switchblade with the two wheel sizes in carbon.

    fave trail?
    Toss up between Thredbo flow or Western wedgetail, into pork barrel at stromlo

    fave city... why? (controversial!)
    Canberra if it was by the coast!!! Great trails and family is still there.

    other sports?
    Surfing, snowboarding, sailboarding, MotoX.

    Racing at Thredbo on my beloved Pivot.
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