Hi guys,

After a big series finale at Mt Stromlo we have some very exciting news regarding the 2011 series: as you can see in the title SHIMANO is on board as principal sponsor which means that you can expect even more great gear to be tested and scored next season.

The first round will be the first race ever at the new tracks at Mt Annan Botanic Garden. We have been working together with them for over one and a half years now and helped push the trail-build along and are now very proud to be the first race there. It will be in conjunction with the Banzai Lifecycle MTB Fitness Series, which is aimed at first timers and riders who want to get in shape but not race.

The date for round 1 is March 26 and registration for it is open already.
All the info about the series is here:

We again have 4 rounds and all of them will have the 4 hour as well as 8 hour option. Solo to teams of 3. Prices remain the same as in 2010.

Looking forward to a great series!