Long time no post.. my pc doesn't like MTBR

This is a c&p from what I post on Rotorburn. Seriously impressed with Creswick as a destination - take the fam even if they're not mtbers.

Can I just say, seriously, people.. Get up to Creswick!! We've just had the best weekend up there. Laid back, friendly, outdoors, was great!

We arrived (later than expected) on Friday night and checked into a cabin at the Caravan Park.. despite our lateness the staff were friendly and welcoming. While budget priced, the cabin was clean and comfortable. Not 5 star at all but if you want that the Forest Resort looks nice.

Saturday morning I strolled around the Calambeen Lake then a quick jog into town to take part in the Brackenbury Fun Run. Again, people were friendly and welcoming and I can think of far worse places to be running than through the trees above Lake St George.

MrH went out with some of the locals to check out the trails on Saturday afternoon and was impressed with the trails and the local commitment to MTB and trails in the area.

While they were riding 6yo and I explored the town by bike, we headed out to Lake St George on the GDT then back into town.. There are some great cafes/shops in the main street.. Found the train station (MTBing weekend by train anyone?) and then did a few laps of the pool/lake.. It's easily a 'don't need your car for the weekend' type place.

We had a cruisy afternoon tea (lunch?) by the Slatey Creek in the Creswick Regional Park - sausages cooked on the fireplace - followed by dinner at the American Hotel, where the tablecloths are paper and crayons are provided.. Dinner was interspersed with games of Hangman and Noughts & Crosses, food was excellent, wine & beer list extensive and yet kids are welcomed.

The Brackenbury MTB race this morning was friendly, laid back and everyone was smiling. Hubby said the course was great - challenging in parts but fun too. Speaking with the locals it is clear how passionate they all are about their town, their trails and the potential for it to be an awesome MTB destination.

So, get out there before everyone else does :P And put this weekend in your calendar for next year's Brackenbury.. it'll be fun!!