Ride your mountain bike. 24H. 'Nough said.

Rocky Trail brings you Sydney's premier MTB endurance event, the JetBlack twenty four hours Sydney Race.

JetBlack twenty four hours Sydney Race
5+6 February 2011

Del Rio Resort, Wisemans Ferry

For the third year in a row, the race will be hosted by Rocky Trail at the Del Rio Resort at Wisemans Ferry where the crew built a custom-track (sometimes adding sections mid-race... but that's another story ;-)

For the 2011 24H event, we've already started adding more singletrails and we are bringing back the gully descent. We'll be sure to put on a racing weekend like you've never experienced before: Del Rio Resort-style!

For more information, head to our website http://www.rockytrailentertainment.com; registration will open by the end of September.

See you there,
Juliane + Martin