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    Can't Access Rotorburn


    Is anyone else unable to access Rotorburn? It's usually the fastest website I visit and today it is unavailable. I'm just wondering if it just my PC or if it's a site problem.


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    Yeah it's down alright.

    (A quick test in the future - if you can get to all you're other usual websites except one, then it's more likely a problem with that one website than your PC. Especially if it's a timeout or 'cant connect' message. In rare instances in the past, I've noticed an inability to get to _some_ websites, but not all - turned out it was a country-wide inability to connect to all non-redundant US-hosted sites, since someone had snipped the cable across the pacific)

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    working fine for me... but thats a few hours later

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    About access Rotorburn

    Haven't access to Rotorburn yet?Maybe just your PC.
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