• 12-28-2012
    it's funny seeing filipinos actually wearing shoes
    i've never seen so many filipinos not wearing flip flops like in the pictures in this forum

    i had no idea that PI had a big mountain biking community...last time i was there, i saw that my cousin had a couple mountain bikes, but i never thought to ask him...i assumed it was just a mode of transportation out there (near laoag in ilocos)

    i think next time i am in town i'm going to have to look up places to ride...really didn't think there would be anywhere to ride after staying in project 4 and hanging out in the metro area for a week...felt so congested and polluted

    plan on going back in 2014, so let me know where the trails are in manila/quezon city or out in the province by laoag (or anywhere else in luzon, for that matter)
  • 12-29-2012
    try nuvali, timberland and a bunch load of others..
  • 12-31-2012
    Naturally Aspirated
    My wife is actually from Pasuquin, right next to Laoag. We're also going back on the end of January of 2014, and I'm for sure bringing my bike with me since it will be a month long vacation. I've heard there is a trail right there in Batac (from my youtube searches...). I need to try and hit up one of those places that bosbik posted, and I'm also hoping to enter a race if there so happens to be one while I'm there. That would be a blast!
  • 01-14-2013
    There are two classes of bikers here in the Philippines, those who bike out of necessity and those who bike for the lifestyle. Those who bike for the lifestyle will not be caught dead biking in their flipflops. If you can afford a half-decent mountain bike, you can well afford a good pair of shoes or sneakers.
  • 05-07-2013

    Originally Posted by Gundam168 View Post
    Those who bike for the lifestyle will not be caught dead biking in their flipflops.

    Speak for yourself :prft:
  • 06-13-2013
    I was back home about 2 years ago. We were staying in Ortigas and I went to a bikeshop that I saw. Got a cheap($40) mountainbike to ride around Ortigas, I was wearing either sandals or tsinelas(flipflops). Forgot to take riding videos/photos, but got lots of footage from our trip to Ilocos.