• 02-07-2013
    Good trails near Manila area
    So I've never taken my bike overseas and with my Spring holidays coming up and my parents inviting me for a visit to the Philippines in mid March I'm sizing up the feasibility of turning this into a mountain bike trip .

    Let's say I lug my bike to the Phils and land myself a hotel somewhere in Manila. Where are the closest trails to checkout? Do they have services where a driver can take you around to certain trails here and there?
  • 03-01-2013
    Naturally Aspirated
    0 replies? Really? It's hard to believe there is not 1 good trail near a city as big as Manila...
  • 03-03-2013
    Look up Edmund Mangaser, owner of All Terra Bike Shop (2 locations in Manila). He helped build some SWIMBA type trails in Timberland, San Mateo (close to Marikina). There are also some very cool singletrack in the La Mesa watershed.
  • 03-04-2013
    there are also nice trails in Corregidor, take the ferry from Manila Bay, hotels are also available in Corregidor. Or you can try Subic Bay, trails and hotels are also avilable
  • 03-11-2013
    @replicant, inside the metro you have 3 options (Camp Aguinaldo, Fort Bonifacio, Heroes Trail).

    in Marikina and Rizal (which are technically still Metro Manila but probably a few kms away from the center), you have the Maarat trails (Timberland Blue, Timberland Green, Timberland Basic, Pestano). If you're looking for some DH fun, there's Patiis and Antenna.

    Outside Manila, lots and lots and lots of options :) rather than getting a driver, just get someone from MTBR who's Philippine-based to accompany you!

    I have videos of some of these trails check out bitlydotcom/YongDr
  • 03-14-2013
    You can also check in PMTB forums particularly this sub forum

    Fun Rides / EBs

    This is where formal or informal trail rides are organized and you can just hook up with the members going there.

    The nearest available in and around Metro Manila would be (by distance)

    Heroes Trail in Taguig 14.520320, 121.045561
    Filinvest Trails 14.416008, 121.033362
    La Mesa Nature Reserve 14.742689, 121.078552
    Maarat Trail Timberland San Mateo 14.677645, 121.158417
    Nuvali Sta. Rosa Laguna 14.234643, 121.057920

    Just a tip: Some trails closest to the city centers are inside military camps and will not allow access to non-Filipino citizens.

    They are:

    Fort Army Trail 14.531443,121.04688
    Camp Aguinaldo Trail 14.603466,121.067737
    Camp Bagong Diwa (Police) Trail 14.488292, 121.054310
  • 03-21-2013
    patiis trail at san mateo rizal

    from edsa quezon ave, go straight to quezon memorial circle and make a turn when you reach commonwealth. look for the sign when entering commonwealth on how to go to timberland heights. go straight in commonwealth till you reach the Sandiganbayan bldg. turn right and then turn right when you reach batasan. just follow the signs leading to timberland. before reaching timberland, you will pass by a small restaurant aling tina's. about 200 meters further there is froys apartelle. beside froys apartelle there is a small store with some tables. look for edong or randell. for P100 he will bring you to the top of patiis trail and you go down the other side of the mountain. it is all downhill from there. he will even wait for you at the finish line and bring you up if you want another run
  • 03-21-2013
    Up The Wall towards the Timberland Clubhouse

    Dropping into the Blue Zone

    Good stuff on the Blue Zone. Some flow, some tech, some bamboo bridges...
  • 03-21-2013
    Here's the first portion of Timberland Blue:

    MTB LULZ: Timberland Blue Zone Section 1 - March 2013 - YouTube
  • 03-24-2013
    Naturally Aspirated
    ^^^ that's what i'm talking about! hopefully we can hit these trails up next jan/feb!